Rave Reviews for Kidzmet

Parent & teachers from coast-to-coast have great things to say about Kidzmet. Here’s a sampling of some of our favorites.

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"Best of Back-to-School tech that every parent should consider"

"Great planning ideas and I would love getting that profile as I planned each year for instruction…I would recommend this site to parents and teachers alike."

"A service that is long overdue for today's busy parents!" 

"I can't believe how exact this profile was!" 

"Help your children find their strengths and passions with Kidzmet" 

"A good tool for a lot of parents and teachers."

"Seriously, this is like eHarmony for teachers and students."

"Kidzmet is a place where parents can turn to fill those gaps in their child's academic career and better yet, it's free to participating families!"

"Kidzmet : Banishing Cookie Cutter Tutoring"

"Love that all aspects of the child’s personality is accounted for. Can’t wait to get more involved."

"Kidzmet.com understands the parents' strife in giving their child the best they could give."

"[Kidzmet] develops a system that your child can embrace."

"Your child does not have to be lumped in with all of the others."

"A fantastic service that will definitely save you some time and money in searching for the next class for your child."

"What's great about the Portrait Pairing is that Kidzmet really believe that there is more than one way to teach a child, and that in introducing things they may not necessarily "like" in a different manner may actually end up with them loving it, just like veggies in their favorite foods."

"I have a special needs child and I think I’ll get a lot out of this site!"

"Government budgets just don’t allow for individualize learning and in our day and age, majority rules…Kidzmet is trying to change this!"

"As a Mom to two active children, I'm always looking for activities to provide fun experiences to ensure well rounded lives. "

"As a mom of three, I have learned that not all kids learn the same way."

"I love the understanding that learning does not fit into one cookie cutter mold! Every kid is different!"

"Kids, like us, are born into this world bearing our own unique sets of gifts the potential of which can be maximized with proper training avenues and exposures."

"It's the eHarmony for teachers and students!"

"Just as no two fingerprints are alike, no two students are alike in the way that they learn"

"If you're interested in helping your child learn in the most effective way possible, definitely check out Kidzmet.com!"

"a pretty cool site for parents"

"I love the concept of Kidzmet"

"Isn't making sure your child is placed with the most compatible teacher (and class) for the next school year worth ten minutes of your time?"

"I wish this amazing tool was available when Jordan was in elementary school. Even with my background in education there was no easy way to help us ensure that her teachers knew how she ticked."

"The concept is rather ingenious, but simple"

"Kidzmet is an excellent resource for parents"

"My dad was in the Air Force and we got orders to move many times during my childhood…The one thing that would have been helpful would have been a Kidzmet Pairing Portrait to introduce us to each new teacher. "

"By completing a Kidzmet Pairing Portrait for your child and e-mailing it to the principal and teachers at their new school before the move, the school staff will be able to receive a clear picture of their newest student! This is also a great way for teachers to introduce your child to new friends that have a similar personality and common interests!"

"If you’ve recently moved or will be moving Kidzmet can help teachers get to know kids that have just moved to the area."

"Kidzmet can encourage better teacher/student interactions from the beginning. It allows for more engaged and motivated learners."

"If you are a teacher or tutor who wants to connect better with new and potential students or a parent who wants to find a tutor who cares, you should check out Kidzmet!"

"before you sign your child up for a new after school activity, be sure to check out Kidzmet."

"You'll be so amazed how your lesson planning can be enhanced!"

"you can decide what the most effective way to deliver the homework to your child is."

"Each kid is so different and it was always a challenge to find just the right way to teach them…Here is where Kidzmet can help out teachers and parents!"

"The website is very easy to use and navigate."

"Get a handle on your students work early this year and take advantage of these great new additions!"

"You will easily make up the cost of the membership in your first tutoring session and benefit from it throughout the rest of the year!"

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